Indigenous Art Framing

Congratulations if you are the proud owner of a piece if indigenous art!

Not only is indigenous art incredibly beautiful and uniquely Australian, but it is also highly collectable and very popular in home decor display.

Because indigenous art needs specialised care when framing to both display and preserve the artwork, it makes sense to take it to professionals who understand how to frame it professionally with respect and understanding of the custom of the artwork.

At ATOS Framing we are thoroughly experienced in framing Aboriginal indigenous art and prints and we know how to best showcase your original piece of art.

Showcasing original art

If a canvas has already been stretched and then painted and the artwork has been removed from the original frame for travel purposes, the canvas will require re-stretching on to a new frame.

If the quality of the article is of poor material and/or was stretched originally to a frame of poor quality, great care needs to be taken to ensure the best result and minimal damage to the artwork.

In these cases it is wise to rely on professionals to do the job properly rather than attempting to stretch the “canvas” yourself.

Preserving your prints

If you have purchased a limited edition indigenous print, we also take particular care with framing it, by:

*using acid free tapes, backing boards and mats
*ensuring the print is not in contact with the glass
*not using glues, double-sided tape or dry mounting

And because indigenous art is often not contained within the 90 degree angles of Western art, we have few tricks up our sleeve when framing irregular-shaped pieces, such as ‘floating’ the print in the frame.

So whether you have an original artwork on canvas or a print, you can trust the experienced team at ATOS Picture Framing to treat your valuable investment with care.

And to showcase your incredible piece of artwork, adding both aesthetic and economic value to your home.

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