Jersey Framing

If you are lucky enough to own a jersey signed by your favourite sports star or team we know just how incredibly valuable and irreplaceable this item is to you.

Not only does it hold great sentimental value, but it often is a significant financial investment as well.

An investment that can increase in value over time if it is properly preserved and protected and shown off to its best advantage.

Protect your investment

Not only does the correct framing show off your jersey to its best advantage, it also preserves and protects your investment.

These items are not easy to frame, we have a specialist team member who will use the correct techniques when framing your jersey, preserving it in either a flat frame or box frame that shows it off to its best advantage.

Your jersey will be inserted with foam core packer and attached to the acid-free mounting board with fine dress pins that leave no mark if they need to be removed later.

Tell the story of your precious jersey

You can also enhance the presentation of your framed jersey by including other items that tell the story of why it is so important, such as:

*engraved plaques, with the date and location and other information about the sporting event
*photographs of the sports star wearing your jersey or the sports star with you
*tickets from the event where your jersey was worn
*newspaper articles about the event


Share sporting achievements

The most precious sporting moments are often those achieved by you or your children.

A beautifully framed jersey can become a family heirloom, celebrating your family’s sporting achievements such as:

  • a hole in one
  • making a rep team
  • a grand final win
  • the last year playing for a school team


A framed jersey will forever capture that never-to-be-repeated, special moment in time, embedding it in your family’s history.

The perfect gift for the hard-to-buy-for man

Framed jerseys are a wonderful gift for those men of your family, who can be notoriously difficult to buy for. Your beautifully framed jersey will become the focal and talking point of your home or office for years to come, so it pays to get it properly framed by professionals who know what they are doing.

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