James Martin, Owner

James, along with his team at ATOS, has over 50 years experience in the framing business. James has great advisory skills, giving every piece that comes in the careful attention and detail required to pick the right frame and design.

James is dedicated in providing the high standard and quality of work that brings customers back time and time again to Atos Framing. He oversees all aspects of the process to ensure the quality and deadlines are met.



The Team

James employ an experienced team, each  specialising in different fields of the framing processes.

*Stretching of sporting jerseys

*Mounting of medals and awards

*Canvas stretching

*Framing of mirrors

*All needlework and tapestries

*Plaque specialists

*All aspects of memorabilia

*Papyrus and Indigenous artworks


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Phone: 02 9905 4745 Email: atospictureframing@gmail.com